Coffee Morning Supporting the Macular Society in Kingston

Kingston Riverside Rotary in Support of the Macular Society Kingston

Kingston Riverside Rotary in Support of the Macular Society Kingston

Please Come and Support Us

The Macular Society Kingston Support Group is the chosen October charity of Kingston Riverside Rotary. We are holding a Coffee Morning, with cake bake and other attractions.

    • Date & Time: October 1st 2016, 10.30 am – 12.00 noon

    • Venue: The Bishop Pub, 2 Bishop’s Hall, Thames St, Kingston upon Thames KT1 1PY
      The event is on the ground floor of the venue with full wheelchair access and facilities

    • Welcome & Support:There will be volunteers to help visitors with sight loss. The event is free to attend and we make money on the beverages and cake sales.
      Some kind people may wish to give a donation but that’s entirely up to them and no pressure. This is essentially a fun social event for a great cause

The Macular Society and AMD – Age Related Macular Degeneration

The Macular Society is dedicated to funding research and supporting people with AMD. They run a network of local support groups – our local one is the Kingston Support Group

Who Suffers from AMD in the UK

  • There are 70 thousand new diagnoses of macular degeneration in the UK each year
  • Around 2 million people in the UK suffer from sight loss of whom 600 thousand have AMD Source NHS
  • 12% of people aged over 80 have AMD

Statistics for Sight Loss in Kingston Upon Thames

  • “There are an estimated 4,380 people living with sight loss in Kingston upon Thames. Of this total, 2,790 are living with mild sight loss, 1,070 are living with moderate sight loss (partial sight) and 520 are living with severe sight loss sight (blindness).” Source RNIB Sight Loss Data Tool v3.1.1
  • The total number of Kingston residents with AMD is around 1.300 (this calculation assumes that 30% of sight loss cases in the area are caused by AMD)

The Two Types of AMD

  • Dry AMD typically progresses gradually over a period of years blocking central vision and leaving only periphery vision. There is no known cure
  • Wet AMD can develop suddenly and has been described by some sufferers as like ‘a heart attack of the eye’. If caught early there are treatments that can slow or stop the progression of the condition

Some Early AMD Symptoms

  • Difficulty with small print even with reading glasses
  • Vision becomes less clear/blurry and colours look less vibrant
  • Straight lines look odd/curvy
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